Together, we are challenging the market for pupils with special educational needs.

Pathways School is built on the principle that individuals with autism and learning disabilities can lead fulfilling, joyful and rewarding lives. By providing specialist education and support to help children and young people develop their full potential, we aim to improve the life chances of our pupils and improve the quality of life for family members and carers.

We believe every individual has the potential to learn, and should be free of behaviours and activities that cause injury, pain or stress, or limit opportunities to access learning and community involvement.

Our Aims

  • A safe, motivating, and enjoyable environment;
  • A broad-based programme that includes national curriculum targets adapted according to each student’s individual’s needs, with an emphasis on functional communication skills and independent living skills;
  • A specialist approach to teaching that draws from evidence-based research;
  • Frequent parent training opportunities to ensure consistency and maintenance of progress;


Children/young people with the following criteria are eligible for admissions:

  • between the ages of 11 and 19 years;
  • have a diagnosis of autism;
  • have a moderate to severe learning disability (with or without a diagnosis of autism);
  • have an EHCP or be in the process of obtaining one;

We are now raising funds to expand our provision and build more classrooms. If you would like to make a donation, or help us with fundraising, please contact us.

Support us

Pathways School has been set-up with the help of grants from trusts and foundations and donations from individuals.