Our Team

We are very proud of the highly trained and committed multidisciplinary team at Pathways School. The team consists of Behaviour Analysists, Teachers, ABA Tutors, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist. Pathways School provides 1:1 support to all students. All of our staff are trained in ABA, PBS and Team Teach.

We have monthly visits from an external ABA/PBS specialist for staff training. Our staff and governors share a common: to help our students live their best lives.


Neil Jones


Hello, I’m Neil, Headteacher.  
I’ve been involved in education for 30 years in schools of a wide range of types: maintained and independent, mainstream and specialist settings.  I love learning and I’m incredibly curious about people and how they interact with each other.  My greatest professional passion is in supporting the most vulnerable children in our communities and is why I am most proud to be a part of the Pathways School Team.  Outside school I love to sail, play boardgames and I am a fan of Leyton Orient FC.

Federica Fadda

Behaviour Analyst and Qualified Teacher

I am Federica and I am the Behaviour Analyst at Pathways School.
In this amazing journey I will support all our pupils to grow and flourish. Preparing them to become independent young people, ready for the world outside. People know me to be a very empathetic and enthusiastic person.  Also, I love food very much, especially as I am Italian!

Qualified Teacher

Noelia Rodriguez

Hi, I’m Noelia and I’m a qualified teacher. I have a real passion for helping others, especially children with learning difficulties and disabilities. In my lessons I like to provide clear structured lessons, personalized resources and a supportive environment to ensure all the students have access to learning opportunities.

Advanced Skills Practitioner

Nimo Ali

I’m Nimo Ali and I’m an ABA therapist and Advanced Skills Practitioner at Pathways School. I have recently started my career in ABA and have already seen a huge impact in the pupils’ quality of life. My passion for my role here at Pathways is undeniable and nothing is more important than the laughter, progress and friendship that we all share.

ABA Tutors

Samira Ali

Senior ABA Tutor

Hi, I’m Samira. I’ve been working with children and young people with SEN for eight years. I have a lot of patience and excellent understanding of child development and intervention strategies to aid learning. I love creating positive experiences to improve the quality of life of my students. I believe in the importance of using different techniques of communication, building trust, engaging them in meaningful ways and creating a safe and supportive environment. I am currently doing a degree in psychology which I believe will enhance my practical experience and develop my understanding and skills further.

Louise Azonobi

My name is Louise. I am patient, adaptable and determined. I actively listen and engage in what is being said to me. I love to read and am reliable and punctual. I love working with children with autism because of their uniqueness and am passionate about helping them succeed. I realised this when I was working with a child with autism in a mainstream school. I was able to build a rapport and a bond, and enjoyed seeing him making progress and achieving goals.

Yuliia Babii

Hi! I am Yuliia, an ABA tutor at Pathways school. I have been working for 3 years in the education field and recently obtained a Master’s degree in ABA. I am an enthusiastic and adventurous person who loves to make a difference. The best part of my job is discovering people and observing meaningful changes. In my free time, I go hiking and learn to play the ukulele.

Angel Christian

Hello, my name is Angel. I’ve completed my Masters in International Relations with a background in Social Work. I started supporting children who have special needs in a residential setting 2 years ago and I have loved every part of it. Bringing that experience to Pathways School, and making some more memories with the pupils over here, has been fun and rewarding. The support from staff always makes me feel confident and happy.

Khadija Damhoun

My name is Khadija, and I’ve been working as a SEND teacher for a year in different environments. I also worked as a teaching assistant in mainstream schools, helping students achieve and reach their goals. I was happy to join Pathways team to help our students develop and see them thrive academically and personally. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness their progress and growth. Pathways is a great, supportive environment I am currently where every student is valued and celebrated for their unique abilities. It’s a fulfilling and rewarding journey!

Germaine Frederick

Hi, I’m Germaine.  I’ve been working in Special Education since 2021 and have been at Pathways since the Spring of 2022. I have a passion for helping kids find their voice and live to their full potential. My main hobby is making candles and other home fragrance items. Pathways for me feels like home.  I’m happy, comfortable and love having fun with my colleagues and the children.

Tanvi Karumbaiah

I’m Tanvi, a recent graduate with an MSc in Psychology, and my commitment to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment is at the core of my approach. Patience and adaptability guide me as I actively listen and prioritize reliability. The unique qualities of the children at our ABA school resonate with me, and I discovered my passion while building a strong rapport with students. Witnessing their progress and achievements fuels my dedication to ensuring success for every student in our community. I thrive on creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that not only supports their growth but also celebrates their individuality.

Matina Manandhar

Hello I am Matina.  I have been supporting children with special needs for over 5 years. It has been an amazing journey learning from each child.  I feel proud to support them, seeing children progressing to being independent, sharing their friendship and laughter.  Outside of school I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Priscilla Martey

I am Priscilla Martey.  With experience in ABA, I have worked both in SEN and mainstream schools.  I am passionate about making a positive contribution no matter how small. My love for working with children with autism is out of compassion and the joy that all the lovely impactful moments bring to me. I love working at Pathways school as it presents a great supportive environment where the brilliance and uniqueness of every child can be appreciated.

Pearleen Peart

I am Pearleen and I have supported children who have additional educational needs for 12 years.  Having this experience and knowledge helps me to support the children at Pathways School to achieve their potential.  To help me unwind I like to cook and to have family time.

Kwame Ryan-Mohoney

Hello, my name is Kwame.  Originally my work with children began in 2017 where I started out as a play worker on various adventure playgrounds across Islington.  I began working at a special needs school earlier this year in Swiss Cottage.  From that experience, I haven’t looked back and now what better Pathway to be at but this one.   These children fill me with joy.  I love my job and the staff make me feel at home here.

Aaliyah Tennant

My name is Leah. I’m kind, determined and very resilient. I have been working in SEND school settings for 4 years. I developed my passion for working with autistic children when working in a drama school that was inclusive; that’s where my journey began. I love seeing the children thrive and learn new things every day, knowing that I’ve made a difference and a big impact on them.

Flavia Turyamuhaki

My name is Flavia T and I have been involved in supporting teaching and learning to children and young people with SEN and complex needs for more than 10 years. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and a privilege when I see learners that I have supported achieve their goals despite all the challenges they may be going through. I like making people feel valued. When I am not working, I love cooking and listening to LBC radio for current affairs.

Christos Tzoudas

Hi! My name is Christos. I’m from Greece and I’m an ABA Tutor at Pathways School. I love supporting our students to learn how to find their pathway to independence while being happy, relaxed and engaged. In my spare time, I like spending time with my friends, cooking and doing yoga.


Viranga Samarakoon

Hello, I am Viranga, the administrator at Pathways School. I’m excited to embark on this incredible journey, providing support to both our students and parents, fostering growth and thriving experiences. As a dedicated member of the Pathways team, I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with parents and children, ensuring a positive and enriching educational environment for all.


Erick Kiplagat

Occupational Therapist

Hello, my name is Erick and I work as an Occupational Therapist with children at Pathways School.  I love helping students learn meaningful skills so they can gain more independence in their lives. My friends describe me as self-motivated and passionate about what I do. During my leisure time, I enjoy playing football and running marathons.

Chrysa Kapetaniou

Speech and Language Therapist

Hi! I am Chrysa the Speech and Language Therapist at Pathways School. 

I am from Greece and I have experience working on Speech delay, articulation and phonological disorders, learning difficulties and autism. I relocated in the UK in 2019 and the past two years I have worked in an outstanding SEN school gaining experience in Autism which is my passion. Nothing is more important than seeing pupils laughing and progressing!!! I am trained in Makaton, PECS, vocabulary core boards, intensive interaction and BSL (Introduction). In my leisure time, I play volleyball and I love watching movies with friends.


The Governors of Pathways School are the trustees of Positive Behaviour Support for Learning (PBSL). PBSL is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people with autism and learning disabilities through education, training, and advocacy. Please see www.positivebehaviour.org.uk for more information.

The Board of Governors consists of high-level professionals with a wide range of skill sets. The Board is responsible for the strategic development and oversight of the school.

Fauzan Palekar

Fauzan has recently completed a tenure with the World Psychiatric Association-WPA (Geneva, Switzerland) as Director WPA Administration. The WPA is an international Membership Association made of 145 Psychiatric Societies from 121 countries. Fauzan took over the Secretariat during a challenging period. He implemented a modernisation programme to streamline processes and upgrade IT Infrastructure, and recruited a dynamic new team following a restructure of the Secretariat. Fauzan was previously Director of Professional Standards at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, where he led a team of 64 staff members. He was responsible for the overall strategy, development, and delivery of the Professionals Standards Department activities. He has a proven track record of strong leadership, strategic planning and decision making, operations management, change management and performance management.

As a Governor for Pathways School, Fauzan advises on recruitment, school improvement and development initiatives, and Health and Safety.

Fauzan graduated with and MSC in Development Studies and has a BA(Hons) in Modern Languages and International Studies.

Nick Barratt

Nick is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst with 22 years of experience using behavioural science to teach people the skills they need to get the life they want. He is the director of Barratt Behaviour

Change Consultancy, which specialises in setting-wide and individually focused Positive Behavioural Support, provides clinical supervision to other practitioners, and uses behavioural principles to enable people and organisations to achieve their goals.

He serves on the board of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis and chairs the Applied Behaviour Analysis Forum, a London-based professionals’ group he co-founded in 2008. Nick is a member of the Positive Behavioural Support Academy and contributed to the development of the Positive Behavioural Support Competence Framework.

In 2014, Nick co-authored a book with Baroness Sheila Hollins called Feeling Cross and Sorting it Out, which focuses on the interactional nature of challenging behaviour.


Amanda Jane Williams

Amanda Williams held the post of CEO of national charity Child Autism UK (formerly called Peach) for 20 years. She has extensive knowledge of autism provision in the UK. She also served on the board of the UK-SBA as a board member elected by service users to represent their interests. Amanda is the author of a report, SENDIST: Challenge or Opportunity, which highlighted the problems families face accessing appropriate support for their children with autism.

Amanda has a long history in the not-for-profit sector and in public life in executive and non-executive roles. She has served on a variety of charity boards, and as a county councilor and non-executive director of a major acute hospital. Amanda is passionate about giving disadvantaged communities a voice and bringing services closer to the people that use and need them. She has core expertise in charity law, charity finance and governance, backed up by an entrepreneurial approach with solid experience in successful strategic planning, fundraising and operational management.

Saima Ali Majid

Saima completed her MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis from University of Kent at Canterbury. She has a sixteen-year old child with autism. Prior to her son’s diagnosis, she worked as an economic development consultant. Saima has an MSc and B.A in Economics and experience in research and analysis, project management, and strategic planning.

Mehmet Salaheddin

Mehmet is the Head of Finance at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has worked in the charity sector for over 16 years and brings a wide range of skills to the board. His core competencies include financial accounting and management, financial reporting and analysis, change management, project management, risk management, system implementation, and business unit leadership.

The Trustees hold quarterly board meetings, however, due to the pandemic, they have all been online. In addition to the formal quarterly board meetings, the trustees have regular discussions and provide input in all matters of charity management and the decisions regarding school-set up. All the discussions and decisions made by the trustees are recorded in minutes of the meetings.

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