Our Vision and Values

At Pathways School, we have a vision to make life fundamentally better for children and young people with autism, and for their families and carers.  

We believe every individual has the potential to learn and be free of behaviours that cause injury, pain, stress, or limit opportunities to access learning and community involvement.

Furthermore, we know that the links between home, school and external support networks are crucial to fully support the overall development of a learner.

Our Values are simple. Pathways School has 3 that underpin all that we do:

  • Happiness
  • Friendship
  • Independence

Our work is underpinned by these values and the belief that every student is a unique individual with the potential to flourish.

We believe in constantly evolving our teaching and support systems to suit the needs of our students.  We will achieve this by:

  • Having consistently high expectations for every member of the community;
  • Ensuring high quality, inspirational and innovative learning opportunities;
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe, secure, caring and enjoyable environment to work, learn, flourish and grow towards independence;
  • Ensuring that our curriculum is broad and balanced and personally tailored to each individual student, underpinned by accurate and wide-ranging assessments;
  • Including well-structured opportunities to learn skills in an intensive way, and then generalising these into natural environments, developing and extending learning;
  • Designing and delivering content that is relevant, functional, and interesting for the learner;
  • Offering opportunities for students to be creative and adventurous in their learning;
  • Providing opportunities where students gain first-hand experiences, accessing a wide range of resources;
  • Supporting essential therapeutic activities such as speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy;
  • Using strategies that minimise or alleviate sensory impairments;
  • Collaborating with parents, professionals, agencies, the community and with the students themselves.
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