How are we different?

We have developed an innovative model of delivering education that uses the latest evidence-based teaching practices to support the overall wellbeing of adolescents and young people. Our approach is holistic, person-centred and ambitious.

We believe that the current education system does not provide adequate opportunities to engage in sports and physical activities. Several studies have demonstrated that regular physical activity can be beneficial to children with ASD in improving physiological, cognitive, psychological, and behavioural functioning. Pathways School provides physical activity/sports input five days a week. This includes swimming, football, trampolining, and fitness exercises. These sessions are delivered using ABA teaching methodologies to optimise skill-building and participation.

Although Pathways School provides 1:1 support to our learners, our aim is to provide each student the requisite skills to access group activities and learning. We recognise that although 1:1 instruction is critical in providing educational and behaviour support for learners with complex needs, it can also become a limiting factor in developing independence skills, especially when transitioning towards adulthood. The ability to partake in group activities and follow instructions delivered to a group are essential for successful integration in vocational and community settings.

Each of our students are assessed for their capacity for group instruction. Based on this assessment, each learner will have a transition plan to reduce dependence on 1:1 support and access more group-based learning. Our aim is to reduce instructional ratios for all our learners through their school career, without compromising the rate of skill acquisition and overall effectiveness of teaching.

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